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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
Virtual Seoul
Asia/Seoul timezone

A New Family of Cyclotrons for Particle Physics, Medical Physics, and Other Applications

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Virtual Seoul

Virtual Seoul

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Prof. Janet Conrad (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Daniel Winklehner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Based on the IsoDAR 60 MeV/amu compact cyclotron design, which introduces several novel ideas for this type of particle accelerator, we describe a new family of high-current cyclotrons with energy from 1 to 60 MeV as a tool for particle physics, isotope production, and other uses. The design is modular, with design features upstream of 1 MeV identical for any energy and easily customized equipment downstream to reach the desired energy. The cyclotrons accelerate 5 mA of $\mathrm{H}_2^+$, which is then extracted and stripped of the binding electron to produce 10 mA of protons, regardless of design energy. Multiple beamlines can be fed from a single cyclotron by partially occluding the beam with extraction foils. Because the accelerators are low-cost and relatively small, they can be installed at local sites. We describe the main design features and novelties alongside an extensive simulation effort. We further describe several applications at 5 MeV (for $^{18}$F production for medical imaging), 15 MeV ($\nu_e$ flux measurements by targeting $^{27}$Al), and 60 MeV (IsoDAR, a definitive search for sterile neutrinos and non-standard interactions).

Collaboration IsoDAR

Primary authors

Prof. Janet Conrad (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Daniel Winklehner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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