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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
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Describing neutrino oscillations in QFT without wave packets

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Poster Neutrino oscillation Poster


Dr Igor Volobuev ( Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Lomonosov State University)


Nowadays the standard way to describe neutrino oscillations is the quantum-mechanical approach in terms of plane waves, because the current description of the phenomenon within quantum field theory with the help of localized wave packets is very bulky [1]. However, there was an earlier attempt to describe neutrino oscillations within the standard Feynman diagram technique [2]. We elaborate upon this description and show that the processes of neutrino oscillations can be consistently described in the framework of a new quantum field-theoretical approach without use of the neutrino flavor states and wave packets. It is based on the Feynman diagram technique with a modified distance-dependent propagator, which takes into account the geometry of neutrino oscillation experiments [3,4]. The advantages of this description are physical clearness and technical simplicity. Within this approach, we discuss specific examples of neutrino oscillation processes in vacuum and a magnetic field, where the neutrinos are detected through the weak charged- and neutral-current interactions [5].

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Primary authors

Dr Vadim Egorov (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Lomonosov State University) Dr Igor Volobuev ( Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Lomonosov State University)

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