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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
Virtual Seoul
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Evolution of Lepton Number for Neutrinos

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Virtual Seoul

Poster Neutrino mass Poster


Nicholas J. Benoit (Hiroshima University)


We study the evolution of the lepton number for a SU(2) doublet consisting of a massive neutrino and a charged lepton. By choosing a specific initial lepton family for a neutrino we can compute the evolution of all lepton family numbers. We study the phenomenology of relativistic and nonrelativistic neutrino physics under this framework. The nonrelativistic region is of particular interest due to the Cosmic Neutrino Background (CνB) predicted from big bang models. In that region we find the expectation value of the lepton family numbers are sensitive to the absolute mass and mass hierarchy of the neutrinos. This is based on the works 2101.07751 [hep-ph], 2106.02783 [hep-ph], and additional results in preparation.

Primary authors

Nicholas J. Benoit (Hiroshima University) Prof. Takuya Morozumi (Hiroshima University) Dr Apriadi Salim Adam (Research Center for Physics, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)) Dr Yuta Kawamura (Hiroshima University) Dr Yamoto Matsuo (Hiroshima University) Dr Yusuke Shimizu (Hiroshima University)

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