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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
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Neutrinos as Qutrits

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Virtual Seoul

Poster Neutrino oscillation Poster


Mr Abhishek Kumar Jha (University of Hyderabad)


In ref.[1], we have reported the quantification of bipartite and tripartite entanglement measures in two and three neutrino systems, respectively. In the tripartite system, the correlations exhibited by neutrino oscillations are like the W-states which are legitimate physical resources for quantum information tasks. Moreover, quantum studies of neutrinos has been done on IBMQ processors in ref.[2]. The quantum computer realizes the bipartite entanglement in two flavor neutrino oscillations. The present work describes the mapping of neutrinos to qubit and qutrit states of quantum information theory by constructing the Poincare sphere using SU(2) Pauli matrices and SU(3) Gell-mann matrices, respectively. We calculate and compare the resulting measures of bipartite qubits and bipartite qutrits entanglement in the two neutrino systems. The outcome warrants an investigation of two qutrits entanglement in the three neutrino systems. This work will be helpful to explore neutrino oscillations on a qutrit quantum computer in future.


[1] A. K. Jha, S. Mukherjee and B. A. Bambah, “Tri-partite entanglement in neutrino oscillations,’’ Mod. Phys. Lett. A 36 (09), 2150056 (2021), [arXiv:2004.14853 [hep-ph]].

[2] A. K. Jha and A. Chatla, “Quantum studies of neutrinos on IBMQ processors,” Eur. Phys. J. Spec. Top. (2021).

Primary authors

Mr Abhishek Kumar Jha (University of Hyderabad) Mr Akshay Chatla (University of Hyderabad) Prof. Bindu A. Bambah (University of Hyderabad)

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