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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
Virtual Seoul
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Light reconstruction for the nEXO experiment

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Virtual Seoul

Virtual Seoul

Poster Neutrinoless double beta decay Poster


nEXO is a tonne scale liquid xenon time projection chamber (TPC) that aims to detect neutrinoless double beta decay in $^{136}$Xe. If this decay is observed, it would indicate that neutrinos are Majorana fermions. nEXO will be able to measure energy deposits from both ionization electrons and scintillation photons from events that occur inside the detector. Silicon photomultiplers will surround the sides of the TPC to detect scintillation light, providing a more highly pixellated light collection system than previous liquid Xe TPCs. Ongoing work to characterize the topology of energy deposits at multiple locations in the detector, referred to as multi-site events, from information collected by the light alone will be presented. The unique design of the nEXO light collection system, including its high level of pixelation, allows the light signals to be used to identify multi-site events and to distinguish individual interactions in a multi-site event from the SiPM response.

Collaboration nEXO

Primary author

Sierra Wilde (Yale University)

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