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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
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0$\nu\beta^{-}\beta^{-}$ Sensitivity as a Function of Background and Exposure

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Virtual Seoul

Poster Neutrinoless double beta decay Poster


Manoj Kumar Singh (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)


Observation of neutrinoless double-beta decay (0$\nu\beta^{-}\beta^{-}$) would establish that neutrinos are Majorana particles (indistinguishable from their antiparticles) [1]. In spite of the formidable experimental challenges, it is an experimentally sensitive avenue to provide direct information on neutrino masses. The current work [2] would explore the required sensitivity for the upcoming projected 0$\nu\beta^{-}\beta^{-}$ experiments to probe the inverted mass hierarchy (IH) as well as non-degenerate (ND) normal mass hierarchy (NH). We studied the required exposures of 0$\nu\beta^{-}\beta^{-}$-projects as a function of the expected background (following ``Discovery Potential at 3$\sigma$ with 50% probability'' statistical scheme) before the experiments are performed. This work would address the pivotal role of background suppression in the future 0$\nu\beta^{-}\beta^{-}$ experiments with sensitivity goals of approaching and covering ND-NH.

[1] M. Agostini, G. Benato, J. A. Detwiler, J. Menéndez, F. Vissani, “Toward the discovery of matter creation with neutrinoless double-beta decay”, arXiv:2202.01787 (2022).
[2] M. K. Singh, H. T. Wong, L. Singh, V. Sharma, V. Singh, and Q. Yue, “Exposure-background duality in the searches of neutrinoless double beta decay”, Phys. Rev. D 101, 013006 (2020).

Collaboration Taiwan Experiment On Neutrino (TEXONO)

Primary author

Manoj Kumar Singh (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)


Prof. Henry Tsz-King Wong (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

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