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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
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Neutrino oscillation in ALPs matter

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Virtual Seoul

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Alexey Lichkunov (Lomonosov Moscow State University)


Axions and axion-like particles (ALPs) are some of the most popular candidates for dark matter [1]. Axions are also considered [2] as new physics contributions to the muon g – 2 . Following the existed interest to ALPs we consider interaction between neutrinos and hypothetical axion-like particles and derive for the first time the probability of neutrino oscillations accounting for their interactions mediated by ALPs. The corresponding effective mixing angle is derived for the cases of Dirac and Majorana neutrinos.

[1] Ciaran A. J. O'Hare, Giovanni Pierobon, Javier Redondo, Yvonne Y.Y. Wong, Simulations of axion-like particles in the post-inflationary scenario, arXiv:2112.05117.

[2] M.A. Buen-Abad, J. Fan, M. Reece, Ch.Sun, Challenges for an axion explanation of the muon g − 2 measurement, J. High Energ. Phys. 2021, 101 (2021).

Primary authors

Alexey Lichkunov (Lomonosov Moscow State University) Prof. Alexander Studenikin (Moscow State University)

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