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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
Virtual Seoul
Asia/Seoul timezone

Improved calculations of reactor antineutrino fluxes and spectra using the summation method

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Virtual Seoul

Virtual Seoul

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Over the last decades, Inverse Beta Decay (IBD) antineutrino experiments conducted at short and long baselines from nuclear reactors have revealed significant discrepancies on both the rate and shape of measured spectra compared to state-of-the-art predictions. No evidence for an experimental bias has been detected, and the sterile neutrino interpretation of the reactor antineutrino anomaly has been mostly excluded by recent very short baseline reactor experiments. The validity of the predictions is then seriously questioned as the source of the observed discrepancies. This last lead has motivated a deep revision of reactor antineutrino spectrum modeling, which is also relevant in view of the forthcoming new generation of reactor experiments. This revision both includes significant refinements to the beta decay formalism used to compute the thousands of beta branches making up a reactor spectrum, and a comprehensive and exhaustive modeling of the uncertainties associated to this computational formalism and input evaluated nuclear data. This poster will especially detail the many improvements this new prediction brings over past state-of-the-art predictions. This new revision will also be compared to IBD datasets collected by recent short and long baseline reactor experiments.

Primary author

Dr Lorenzo Périssé (CEA/Irfu/DPhP)


Dr Xavier Mougeot (CEA Saclay) Dr Anthony Onillon (CEA/Irfu/DPhP, now at TUM) Dr Matthieu Vivier (CEA/Irfu/DPhP)

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