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30 May 2022 to 4 June 2022
Virtual Seoul
Asia/Seoul timezone

Constraining $\nu_{e}$ and $\bar{\nu}_{e}$ cross sections by IWCD for the CP violation study at Hyper-Kamiokande

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Virtual Seoul

Virtual Seoul

Poster Neutrino interactions Poster


Dr Ryosuke Akutsu (TRIUMF)


The Hyper-Kamiokande experiment will search for the leptonic CP violation, following the successful T2K experiment. Neutrinos from an upgraded 1.3 MW beam produced at J-PARC will be detected by a far water Cherenkov detector located 300 km away from the beam source with a 184 kiloton of fiducial volume, resulting in 20 times higher interaction rate than that of T2K. The sensitivity to the CP violation will be systematically limited and strongly depend on uncertainties on electron (anti) neutrino interaction rates. To reduce and control the uncertainties, an intermediate water Chereknov detector, which will be a sub-kiloton scale detector with 60 ton of fiducial volume and be located at about 1 km from the beam source, is planned as one of the near detectors. The detector can move vertically, scanning the neutrino beam energy spectrum between 0.4 GeV and 1 Gev. This unique feature will be utilized to associate the observable products of neutrino interactions with true neutrino energies, allowing producing constraints on electron (anti) neutrino cross sections that are dedicated to the CP violation search. This poster will describe the method to produce the constraints and their impacts at the far detector.

Collaboration The Hyper-Kamiokande collaboration

Primary author

Dr Ryosuke Akutsu (TRIUMF)

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